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Labor Law


LOVILL assisted a laboratory of cement and concrete analysis, as one of the few companies related to this area of expertise in Panama, as their sole legal counsel before the negotiation with the union of construction workers who intended to apply their union statutes to our clients company, even though they are a service provider, not a construction company. The union caused work stoppages at all of our client’s work sites and threatened further actions, which will have resulted in millions of dollars in losses to the projects involved. Lovill assisted successfully with the legal analysis and actions to remedy the situation with the union. The issue was resolved in favor our client, due to the successful strategy devised and its correct implementation.

Lovill recently assisted with all labor aspects related to the closing of operation of a hotel in Panama City. We advised client on the termination of more than 75 employees as well assisted in the negotiation with each employee. Our expert representation resulted in zero employee complaints being filed before the Labor Ministry. We have assisted businesses in other industries with similar terminations of their labor force.

LOVILL is the sole legal counsel of one of Panama’s largest private security companies. We devised their strategy for negotiation with their Union and assisted in negotiations before the Ministry of Labor, which avoided a Union strike, that would have resulted in hundreds of job losses. We also assisted client in restructuring their operations, providing and executing a strategy for correcting and mitigating expenses and risks, compliance with applicable legislation, contracts, employment matters, and other related matters.

LOVILL has successfully advised and represented some of the country’s most important corporations in the termination of contracts with senior management employees, both securing advantageous mutual termination agreements and winning actions before the labor courts.

LOVILL has given comprehensive advice during the Covid-19 global pandemic in labor matters. LOVILL has given its clients comprehensive and proactive assessment of all labor regulations, to manage mandatory closing of their operations and actions in order to protect the source of employment and guarantee employees’ rights.