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Lawyers with a global reputation

About Lovill

Founded in 2009, LOVILL is a law firm recognized by clients and international publications as a leading firm in Panama. We are focused on providing legal services with the standards required by Fortune 500 companies. We are known for excellence in service, dedication to our clients, and strict quality control across all our practice areas.

Our teams are trained to work beyond our borders serving clients from all around the globe both for their legal needs in Panama as well as managing legal services across Latin America.

A committed team by your side

We are known for excellence in service, dedication to our clients, and strict quality control across all our practice areas.

We provide practical and innovative problem solving strategies, working in alignment with the highest standard of ethics.

Our attorneys build close relationships with clients based on trust. Our services are aimed at safeguarding the best interests of our clients and working to achieve their objectives with comprehensive and result oriented strategies. We offer legal advice that fits the jurisdiction, the needs of the client and that the client can implement in a practical manner.

In our dispute resolution practice, we represent individuals, corporations and sovereign states in complex cases involving various jurisdictions. We work together with our clients to develop the best strategy for each case.

Client Profile

We take pride of our portafolio of clients, who’s trust we have earned by delivering competent and diligent advice, tailored to their specific needs. Our clients include:

  • Closely held local and international businesses. 
  • Family offices from around the world regarding in their investments in Latin America.
  • Public and multinational companies in their operations in Panama and Latin America.
  • Private clients.
  • Sovereign states as part of our international public law practice in dispute resolution and arbitration. 
  • Our client’s activities are in the sectors of finance, tourism, infrastructure, real estate, logistics, security, construction, telecommunications, technology, consumer products and services, among others.


LOVILL’s relationship with its clients is based on shared core values. Trust and ethical business practices are essential for the firm and compliance is built into all its practice areas. At LOVILL our team constantly exceeds client’s expectations due to our high performance and quality assurance protocols.
Look Inside

A vibrant work culture that has diversity and inclusion at its core.

Promoting and offering professional development to women and minorities is at the core of our firm culture. For several years LOVILL has been awarded for “Most Pioneering Firm in Gender Diversity in Latin America” by CHAMBERS & PARTNERS LATIN AMERICA.

LOVILL has an outstanding track record when it comes to diversity in leadership positions in our team. We believe that merits, performance and personal character are the relevant criteria when choosing and promoting our legal and support team.

Awards and recognitions

Not only does LOVILL’s corporate team have a good knowledge of the law, but they also show a strong level of initiative to find adequate solutions within the legal framework.
"LOVILL fields a strong dispute resolution practice that is regularly appointed by states, public bodies and international companies from the construction, logistics and financial sectors in relation to civil and commercial disputes."
"Proactivity, shrewdness and highly strategic approach."
Provided a very good and knowledgeable working environment, exceeding all our expectations
"Great capability to solve legal inquiries and hardships within the processes of mergers and acquisitions."

Giving Back

At LOVILL we also believe in nurturing socially responsible practices and giving back to our community. We acknowledge that we have an obligation and responsibility to contribute to the development and improvement of our society.

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