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LOVILL stands out in the Panamanian and Latin American legal market for promoting women empowerment, equality and recognition of women in the legal profession. In an industry where women have to fight for a seat at the table, we have strived to create and lead our own table. We are not a traditional law firm and have incorporated our values into every aspect of our business. Along the years, we have built trustworthy relationships with our clients and have earned the respect and credibility of our peers and counterparties, through successful transactions and cases.

LOVILL has an outstanding track record when it comes to diversity in leadership positions in our team. We believe that merits and high performance are essential when choosing our lawyers, but we also believe that diversity in our teams provides for better results in all our areas of practice. The legal team are mostly formed by young and highly professional and experienced men and women as we believe in the capabilities and growing skills of young lawyers, a reflection of our very own founding partners who began the firm very early in their career. Our legal assistants and practitioners come from different universities, ethic and socioeconomic backgrounds; and share a passion and eagerness to learn.

Promoting and offering professional development to women and minorities is at the core of our firm´s culture. We pledge to maintain an inclusive corporate culture and environment, respecting different political parties, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying.


Diversity and inclusion are in the core of the firm’s policies and actions. Taking an integral approach to D&I, LOVILL acts on creating value for all stakeholders: shareholders, clients, and employees, as well as business partners and society in general. LOVILL’s commitments trickle down to areas where peer companies are lacking, as we believe it is only possible to create a diverse culture from the inside out.

The firm’s strategy focuses on the following key pillars:

Building change makers

After thirteen years in the legal market, LOVILL remains as a firm led by an all-women board and sustained by top tier, young professionals. Representation and inclusion remain a priority for the firm at all corporate levels.

Driving positive change

With deep understanding of the impact culturally relevant insights have in corporate governance and international corporations, LOVILL’s D&I team has identified the focuses each client can give their diversity policies and has made a commitment to proactively integrate diversity training and/or advice into proposals and pitches made for current firm clients and potential clients.

Our culture of giving back to our community is an integral part of our firm.

At LOVILL we believe in nurturing socially responsible practices and giving back to our community. We acknowledge that we have an obligation and responsibility to contribute to the development and improvement of our society. Our culture of giving back to our community is an integral part of our firm.

Fundación Jesús Luz de Oportunidades

LOVILL collaborates closely with Fundación Jesús Luz de Oportunidades, a non for profit organization that works with youth that have been a part of gangs or that are at risk of joining the cycle of violence to support them through education and vocational training. Partner Isabel Cristina Lopez is member of the Board of Directors of the organization.

Asociación de Directoras de Panamá

Elizabeth Heurtematte, founding partner, is a founding member and former board member of the Panama chapter of Women Corporate Directors (Now ADP), an organization that promotes placing women on corporate boards.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

Partner Elizabeth Heurtematte is member of the Board of the Contemporary Art Museum of Panama (MAC), which is the only museum of contemporary art  in Panama and a former Trustee of the National Theater Foundation. LOVILL is a proud sponsor of the MAC and promoter of its events and educational programs.

Fundación PRISMA

The firm is also a sponsor and legal advisor of Fundación PRISMA, whom we have assisted since  its foundation, which promotes the development of culture through contemporary dance.

Every year, Fundación PRISMA organizes an annual dance competition where the dance groups featured in representation of Panama are composed of young dancers who come from socially vulnerable backgrounds.

Partner Elizabeth Heurtematte is a former President and member of the Board of ADESVA, a nonprofit organization working for the sustainable development of El Valle de Anton; Member of the Board of Fundación Heurtematte, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the arts, education and social support to underprivileged communities in Panama. She is also member of the Board of the Contemporary Art Museum of Panama (MAC), which is the only museum of contemporary art  in Panamaand a former Trustee of the National Theater Foundation.

Our associates are also very involved and active members of the community and non-profit organizations. Each member of our team actively participates in professional  organizations according to their areas of practice, and are often consulted in drafting of bills and discussion of new laws.  and have been invited as speakers for national and international events, among other notable activities.

Our awards and recognitions include:

“Outstanding Firm for Furthering Women’s Professional Development and Talent Management (Private Practice)”, winner, Chambers Women in Law Awards Latin America 2016.

“Outstanding Firm for Diversity & Inclusion”, shortlisted, Chambers & Partners D&I Latin America 2020.

“Best Gender Diversity Initiative”, shortlisted, Chambers Women in Law Awards Latin America 2018.

“Future Leader: Diversity & Inclusion”, Jeannette Bravo, shortlisted, Chambers & Partners D&I Latin America 2021.

“Pro Bono Program of the Year”, shortlisted, Chambers & Partners D&I Latin America 2019.

“Future Leader: Diversity & Inclusion”, Jeannette Bravo, shortlisted, Chambers & Partners D&I Latin America 2022.

“Most Pioneering Firm for Gender Diversity”, winner, Chambers & Partners D&I Latin America 2019.


Led by Isabel Cristina lopez, founding Partner , LOVILL has been the administrator and main sponsor of the Panama team of the International Rounds of the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition, Washington D.C. for over a decade. Throughout this time, we have prepared and sponsored outstanding law students that hold now leading roles in the private and public sector, and NGOs around the world.

Jessup is the world’s oldest and largest moot court competition. Administered globally by the International Law Students Association, the Jessup attracts participants from roughly 700 law schools in 100 countries in order to compete in a simulation of a fictional dispute between states before the International Court of Justice.

Those who participate in the Jessup remain loyal to its cause in promoting the rule of law and the practice of international law worldwide.

Notably, today former jessupers hold important positions such as ad hoc judges of the ICJ, chief justices of Supreme Courts and elected officials, a testament to the high-end quality of professionals that are forged in the Jessup.

Simply put, the Jessup unites a diverse, multilingual and global community of law students and lawyers in a single mission of making the world a better place by promoting the rule of law.