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Very few law firms in Panama have the privilege of having a truly diverse board of decision-making executives, while some struggle to seamlessly integrate women professionals in executive positions and board of directors, LOVILL has embraced its majority in women leadership to take bold action and build more equitable access and opportunity for all to learn, grow and thrive. The firm’s diversity has proven to be a great strength for the business, especially in recent years where D&I has become a priority for corporations. The strategy LOVILL follows has achieved great impact both in compliance with Panamanian labor laws and proactively adopted strong measures that place diversity and inclusion in the center of the organization. All learnings and good practices that LOVILL applies to its HR structure are encouraged for application in external stakeholders’ corporate governance through proactive HR training on Panamanian labor legislation and D&I practices, an added value service the team offers for all clients.

Our clients

With deep understanding of the impact culturally relevant insights have in corporate governance and international corporations, LOVILL’s D&I team has identified the focuses each client can give their diversity policies and has made a commitment to proactively integrate diversity training and/or advice into proposals and pitches made for current firm clients and potential clients. During the last 12 months, Jeannette Bravo has actively assisted clients in the implementation and execution of their diversity and inclusion policies, representing some of the key features of LOVILL’s service for clients.

Our team

As the commitment to diversity and inclusion does not conclude in the recruitment process, partners of the firm and senior associate Jeannette Bravo have invested in developing an anti-bullying and discrimination policy for LOVILL, going above and beyond legislation in force. This policy reflects zero tolerance for any form of discrimination and aggressions motivated by race, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic backgrounds, and other biases that might be present in daily communication of employees and other stakeholders. Employees are encouraged to report any form of discrimination following a strictly confidential process and the normalization of inclusive language is promoted to all stakeholders of the firm. Employee diversity training is held both formally and informally canalized by the Corporate Wellness committee of the firm, a tool used for open communication between decision makers and employees of the firm.

Our work environment

Creating a supportive and inclusive work environment must feature diversity in every form. After adopting remote work during the pandemic, new flexibility programs were adopted in the firm. After the requirements for remote work ended in the country after limited mobility measures were lifted, LOVILL maintained and still offers employees flexible working methods to support healthy work-life integration and allowing health and childcare matters to be taken care of timely and not in prejudice of either the workplace or the workforce. This flexibility has been positively embraced by employees and their families, as caregivers are given the space and time to successfully balance between both responsibilities and students are allowed preparation for final terms and dissertations.