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Real Estate


We advised a Panamanian real estate developer in a joint venture to develop an infrastructure project in Panama City with an American investment fund. This transaction involved the negotiation of all terms and conditions in connection to developing the project, including private equity and project financing. We also provided legal advice in connection to the transfer of the land to the corporation that will serve as the joint venture between the parties, through a segregation and spin off.

We provided legal advice to a real estate developer in the creation of a multi-million Horizontal Property (Building) project, which consists of approximately 250 hectares divided in many different horizontal properties located within said area. In addition to creating the Horizontal Property before the corresponding authorities, we drafted co-ownership regulations, carried out segregations and mergers of land and obtained the necessary permits to initiate the development of the project.

We provided legal advice to a private resort company in the titling proceedings to acquire a property owned by the government where this company would carry out its businesses. Furthermore, we provided our legal advice in negotiations with the companies in the process of developing within the project.

We provided legal advice to a real estate developer in the development of multi-million residential project located in an exclusive community in Panama City. For this case, we assisted in creating the residential units before the corresponding authorities to allow its selling, as well as creating 3 different types of co-ownership regimes such as the building in which the residential units are located, the common areas of the complex and the whole area development.

LOVILL assisted a real estate developer in the development of an exclusive shopping mall located in Panama City. Our legal advice included procurement of all required permits and licenses, review and documentation of service agreements, tax planning, unification of several properties’, registration of the unified property, registration of updated property values, drafting of co-ownership regulations, negotiations with tenants, anchor stores and a major movie chain, review and drafting of purchase and lease agreements, and all other matters related to the project.