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Intellectual Property


We advised a recognized catering business owned by award winning Panamanian chef with its branding, image as well as cease and desist actions from a competitor, whose “new image” was very similar to our client.

LOVILL is the leading counsel in Panama for a company that ranks #4 in the world’s leading conglomerates with registered trademarks, having more than 500 registered products (food, beverage, and beauty). Our legal services include monitoring the market and filling complaints before national entities (DIGERPI and the Health Ministry of Panama and the Authority for Medical and Food products of Panama) when an alert is received that our client’s product is being imported without the multinational’s authorization creating illegal parallel markets that can affect the prestige of the brands of our client.

We advised a multinational company in the cease and desist notice of a product identical to our client’s product, recognised as an emblematic product in Panama by consumer. The negations were complex and very delicate as the venue that sold the copied the product was an important point of sale for client. Our negotiations were successful in protecting our client’s product and the business relationship.