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We act as our client’s legal partner

Our team seeks to understand our client’s business and actively listens to their needs and concerns. We organize a team for each client and develop a customized strategy to achieve the best results. Responsiveness is one of the key aspects of our service. 

Our relationship with clients are built on cordiality, empathy, open communication, and clear expectations. We provide uncompromising compliance with the law and loyalty to the client.

LOVILL take pride in having created its own custom-made knowledge management system (intelligent checklist, workflow systems, internal library, document assembly protocols), which result in consistent high quality services, cost and time efficiency, and enable attorneys in different practice areas to work together more efficiently.

LOVILL has an outstanding track record when it comes to diversity in leadership positions in our team. We believe that merits and high performance are essential when choosing our lawyers, but we also believe that diversity in our teams provides for better results in all our areas of practice. The legal team are mostly formed by young and highly professional and experienced men and women as we believe in the capabilities and growing skills of young lawyers, a reflection of our very own founding partners who began the firm very early in their career. Our legal assistants and practitioners come from different universities, ethic and socioeconomic backgrounds; and share a passion and eagerness to learn.

LOVILL stands out in the Panamanian and Latin American legal market for promoting women empowerment, equality and recognition of women in the legal profession. In an industry where women have to fight for a seat at the table, we have strived to create and lead our own table. We are not a traditional law firm and have incorporated our values into every aspect of our business. Along the years, we have built trustworthy relationships with our clients and have earned the respect and credibility of our peers and counterparties, through successful transactions and cases. 

Promoting and offering professional development to women and minorities is at the core of our firm´s culture. We pledge to maintain an inclusive corporate culture and environment, respecting different political parties, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying.

Our culture of giving back to our community is an integral part of our firm.

This includes engaging and challenging law students in the country to achieve excellence. LOVILL has been the administrator and main sponsor of the International Rounds of the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition, Washington D.C. for 11 years. Throughout this time we have prepared and sponsored outstanding law students.