Our services in this practice area
include, among others:
  • Preparation and review of corporate structures.
  • Review of infrastructure projects.
  • Drafting and review of corporate documents and structures.
  • International transactions.
  • Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Preparation and review of contracts.
  • Strategy advice to avoid legal disputes against the company.
  • Preparation and review of contracts.
  • Financial and fiscal regulation.
  • Compliance.

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The firm supports companies in global commercial chains, such as distributors and payment providers on connected commerce.

LOVILL lawyers address all aspects of establishing and maintaining commercial agreements and structures, including service agreements and vendor contracts, data security and privacy compliance, as well as intellectual property (IP) and licensing issues. Lovill advises clients on the complexities of conducting cross-border sales.

LOVILL assists companies with all aspects related to establishing legal foundations for a globally connected business, related to international trade, antitrust law, supply-chain, technology, electronic commerce, data protection, telecommunications and financial technology, both locally and internationally.

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LOVILL’s dispute resolution practice has an international reputation for providing creative and innovative strategies for complex cross-border disputes.

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For LOVILL each case is a unique problem that requires a tailormade solution and strategy that takes into account law, process, and commercial impact. We have broad experience in civil law disputes before Panamanian courts, national and international arbitration, negotiations, and complex multijurisdictional disputes that involve asset recovery and complex corporate structures.

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LOVILL has represented high profile companies in cross border disputes in industries such as construction, energy, logistics, banking and real estate. In addition, thanks to our team’s in-depth knowledge of public and private international law, LOVILL holds a unique practice of representing States and State-owned enterprises.

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LOVILL is experienced in preparing and developing investment plans in different countries, offering immediate and accurate responses to inquiries from clients. Services in this area includes, tax advising to companies for the acquisitions of local and foreign firms, legal advice on taxes in each country, investment plan development, tax planning, among others.

Our services in this practice area include, among others:
  • Tax advising to companies for the acquisitions of local and foreign firms.
  • Legal advice on taxes in each country.
  • Investment plan development.
  • Tax planning.
  • Administrative representation before governmental authorities.
  • Guidance and representation in the filing and processing of administrative resources before tax or legal authorities.

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Our services in this practice area include, among others:
  • Government procurement.
  • Labor Law and consulting integrates companies.
  • Concessions and Permits.
  • Municipal Law.
  • Public biddings.
  • Preparation of contracts with contractorsand general suppliers in the transportation, logistics and construction sector.

Our team has knowledge and experience in complex administrative regulations, as well as assisting both individual and legal entities in establishing new businesses or continuing them in the region, especially in regulated sectors such as construction, energy, mines, hydrocarbons and telecommunications. We also focus on matters related to the State, Government Entities, Self-Regulatory Organizations, tenders and public concessions, as well as other acquisition permits.

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Labor and


LOVILL has a team of lawyers, specialized in providing legal advice in Labor Law to local, international clients major multinational companies.

Our lawyers represent our clients in all stages of employment and labor relations. We also offer our clients assistance in Labor Litigation, Dispute Resolutions and Restructuring processes, among others.

Our labor and immigration professionals provide tailored and practical guidance to multinational businesses and foreign clients seeking to relocate, invest, or conduct business in Panama.

Our services in this practice area include, among others:
  • Counseling
  • Work permit applications
  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Employer Handbooks
  • Drafting of documents such as contracts and mutual agreements
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • Advising on employer-employee relations